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Author Topic: Stefano Hourmouzis Message for Forester
Stefano Posted: 03-May-07 20:29
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Forester, I tried calling the number you gave me when you registered
for the conference demo. I have emailed you TWICE and still you havent
responded. Maybe you are not getting my emails. I'll post what I sent
below as I know you read here:

-- begin email --

Miro, I just tried the number you gave me. Not sure why you'd give me
your ex-wife's number.

Anyway I left my number with her - I'm often difficult to catch via p
hone, so perhaps just let me know your "real" number and I'll call you

The call is for a few reasons, namely:

1. To confirm your attendance to the conference (Melbourne Airport Hi
lton): there are security requirements and you have not yet sent me an
y required paperwork.

2. To see if you wanted to demonstrate your "device". We're going to
demonstrate it (IQE6) on the same spins my computer will be applied on
. The zapper will be hooked to a buzzer and light for all to see. I ju
st thought you may prefer to do it yourself since you'll actually be t
here anyway, and since you so vigorously claim your computer is superi
or and are telling everyone I'm the fraud. I figure since you're adver
tising your "device" on ebay, you obviously want advertising. And you
cant beat the publicity of the conference demo - quite a lot of media
is attending, plus around 100 potential players for you in person too.
Thats huge exposure and free advertising for you, not insignificant e
bay exposure, so you'd be insane to not attend and demonstrate your de
vice, that is if it is what you claim. I invited Mark too, but he hasn
t responded - I think he'd rather post under fake names to lie about m
e to compete, rather than risk public embarressment. Maybe you'd just
prefer to lie on forums too. Or perhaps you are simply genuinely ignor
ant and dont know any better. But when you blatantly lie telling peopl
e I live in a cheap area, it is hard to believe your are merely ignora
nt - seems quite obvious you have intent to lie about the competition.
Either way by you demonstrating your device, and you seeing my techno
logy, there will be public record for all to see, then issues can be p
ut to rest, wouldn't you agree?

3. To arrange the meeting for the apparent refund of the 3 computers,
systems etc. You claim to be representing a few of my players. Howeve
r they have NOT contacted ME asking for a refund (strange), so I have
no idea why they'd try getting a refund through you without ever askin
g me. But nevertheless, let's proceed with it. I would first like to k
now WHO you represent - a perfectly fair request since I'm not going t
o give a refund for someone that never purchased.

Another reason I called is to explain a few issues about Howe and why
I have not told you my new office address. As per my blog, I recently
moved offices. Howe has made numerous death threats against me, which
are of concern to my staff, and before my new office address is regis
tered with ASIC, paperwork needs to be processed to keep the company a
ddress from the public record - so my friend Howe cant retrieve the ad
dress. While I rarely visit the office (I mainly work from home), the
safety of my staff is of concern. I have spoken at great length to var
ious authorities about Howe. I sincerely hope you dont take the same p
ath as he did, or rather I hope you dont continue on this path. As you
are friends with Howe, you cannot be trusted with this sensitive info
rmation. For our meeting and the apparent return of my computers, I wi
ll give you another address. There will be armed security - dont take
it personally, I always have security for demos. Yes it most certainly
will be video recorded.

4. Details of your copyright infringement on ebay and official warnin
g. This is blatant asking for trouble. Even I didnt think you were tha
t stupid. You dont see me posting your "device's" source code, do you?
Why make pathetically immature and illegal attempts to harm me? And e
xactly how do you intend to develop custom variants for the highest bi
dder? You and Howe know very little about my system. You try telling p
eople an older obsolete primordial variant is my system. Pure ignoranc
e. Miro, my system is wheel analysis software for more involved than p
rimordials, and not even my players receive it - they just send me spi
ns for analysis. The system is being demonstrated at the conference to
o - maybe you can come spin the wheel. Why would you try to sell somet
hing you dont have? To get free links to your site? To link to Mark's
defamatory sites that contain absolute rubbish about me? By now you wo
uld have noticed they removed the item. Ebay has retained full records
of your actions and very easily I can now take action against you - b
ut I dont want to, unless you continue on your path. Please, dont push
it. I have no desire to harm you, but I will defend myself against yo
ur false claims. You and Howe seem to want to play stupid games that I
want no part in. I was NEVER and still am NOT your enemy - neither yo
urs or Howe's enemy. I have always tried to maintain peace, but you tw
o are as bad as each other and seem to want trouble. Perhaps you shoul
d have chosen your "associates" more wisely - I would have thought you
were smart enough to not partner with a nut. You know very well how b
ad Howe is.

I would like to discuss these details and more over the phone. So ple
ase let me know your "real" number, not your ex-wife's number, so we c
an pursue. But mainly the call is to arrange the apparent return of my

Again, I am NOT your enemy. I have NEVER done anything with intent to
harm you. I wish to make peace with you. Please dont continue on this
path. Mark never learnt to quit. Please dont be the same because you'
ll only end up harming yourself far more.

Best Regards,

Stefano Hourmouzis

-- end email --

PS - On the other forum thread, you called me a "fag" among other nam
es. Really now Forester, that is quite immature. I'm not here to argue
with you - lets sort that out IN PERSON - AT THE CONFERENCE DEMO, AT
e to make sure you got my emails because you havent responded.

[Edited by Stefano on 03-May-07 20:33]
Stefano Posted: 03-May-07 22:51
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Forester, I got your email response and responded.

I would still like to sort this out over the phone. Forums and emails waste too much time.
forester Posted: 04-May-07 10:29
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Forester said:

Stefano’s computer is activated in applications with 4 digit code and it is entered as playing game tic tac toe.

Stefano said:

You are a liar. You are no better than Mark Howe lying about competitors.

Just before Stefanos dog which always barks at me called me liar for no reason at all.

Last person who called me liar was Mark Howe it was 2 years ago. At least he realized that he made mistake and made correction. Instead making new web pages to discredit me or editing RSR to discredit my work he worked on his computer and demonstrated nice advantage on leveled wheel. Therefore, I do not understand what are you waiting for.

I never registered for Stefano’s conference, and I have no intention to go.
Someone who really likes to play casino would never give his passport and details, to someone as Stefano. But that is not the only reason.

By the way the box that you displayed does not look as IQE6,
To make sure that you testing right thing, can you tell me how many spins takes to set it up and which signal you get just after setting?

I just want to make sure that you do things right. On all your DVD’s IQE6 gives better then 1:18 hit rate.
And more then 70% of spins the ball hits rotor 5 pockets in front of predicted number. So you better find excuse to not test it, other way it may place you in shadow.

Not only that system is such accurate but it is designed to be most practical.
You can clock wheel at any point and ball at different point which in many situations is must in casino. Almost all spins are predicted because system detects it all, only if clocking is extremely bad that system can not correct then it will not predict. It may have problem on older kind of wheels where ball decelerates to fast. But your wheel is very good for IQE6.

Of course I do not mind you testing it but I do not understand why?
There was V2 which you list on RSR with 3 stars (it is fair enough because it was only introduction for E2). Then there was E2, then E3 then E5, then IQE5 (first intelligent system that learns particular wheel by it self) and finally IQE6. So what are you trying to prove?
Bago Posted: 05-May-07 07:24
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There is no point to compare your product with Stefano's computer.
It does not take a genius to know that the equation of a ball which decelerates on a wheel IS NOT LINEAR.
It's all what you use in your 1KB program on a 3,50$ microchip.
It simply cannot work since every ball deceleration on a particular wheel is different and that's the reason why the deceleration of a ball must be polynomial and that's what Stefano has done because he is genuine and spent a great deal of money and time to develop his computer.

You are deceiving a lot of people you REFUSE to compete with Stefano at his conference.
You live in Australia, you claim your IQE6 gets a 1/18 hit rate on Stefano's JH Wheel and that Stefano's computer is a tic tac game with no advantage, SO WHY DO YOU DECLINE THIS GENUINE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE YOUR POINT??? IT WILL BE RECORDED AND MADE PUBLIC SO YOU WILL HAVE NO COMPETITION AFTER THIS EVENT.

You cannot accept this offer because everybody knows who you are: a lying amateur.
Kelly Posted: 05-May-07 09:06
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From the beginning the curve is a polynomial because of both air friction and ball friction against the track, but as the ball slows down, the line becomes gradually more lineaer as the air friction is reduced but the track friction remains.

I have no idea how much space the different algorithmes takes, but i DO know that you don`t HAVE to calculate the friction values over and over again from spin to spin. The experts calls this, shooting butterflys with bazookas. Many of the developers comes up with much smarter and accurate soloutions, the only backside is they use a little more learning spins, but will also be much more accurate.
Bago Posted: 05-May-07 12:15
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The deceleration of a ball on a Roulette Wheel is NEVER linear, in fact every ball deceleration is represented by a custom non-linear curve. That's why Forester's device cannot work because it uses the same linear equation in every case. That is clearly not the way. For the device to be accurate you need algorythms that fit the ball's deceleration and only a polynomial equation can do that.
Kelly Posted: 05-May-07 13:28
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The words were: "line becomes gradually more lineaer"

I got a feeling that if the ball could run for long enough time, the line would be lineaer. But we will never know that.
forester Posted: 05-May-07 19:22
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“I DO know that you don`t HAVE to calculate the friction values over and over again from spin to spin. The experts calls this, shooting butterflys with bazookas. Many of the developers comes up with much smarter and accurate soloutions, the only backside is they use a little more learning spins, but will also be much more accurate.”

I really like this description from Kelly.

Bago stop barking on me, you have no chance to discredit me.
On top of that I do not care at all.

Only a month ago you described it as timer, now it is linear, maybe one day you will understand how it is done. I assume you getting false information from someone. Even Stefano in his email described my computer as Barnett’s, Marks …, stating it is linear, but there is nothing common in between my computer and theirs. Kelly’s short description is very close to truth.
System does calculate curve as well and it is done on much better way then what Stefano’s explaining that he is doing. I already explained to you that 1kb programming in machine language would be same powerful as 300 kb of Stefano’s programming. Ask any programmer what is the best and fastest for timing applications.

I would agree with Kelly that much calculation is not required
Since good VB player can achieve great results almost without any calculation.
How much you and Stefano contradicting yourself shows fact that his genuine winner system which I have does not use any calculation and in same time you claim it is working.

Since Stefano is claiming to have my device, I want to make sure that he has IQE6 I asked some specific questions to be sure that he is testing right thing. But instead of answer you only barking and trying to make more trouble. People would describe it as war in between system sellers. It is very fine with me because I really like to put scammers down especially when they ask for that.

I only need to find way how to measure scam.
Kelly how I can measure scam, for example Bob Gordon system with small changes can be useful if applied on tilted wheel, but I categorized it as not working. And Stefano’s genuine winner where he predicts earlier then dealer spins has no chance to work. So how I can measure that and indicate differences on easy readable way.
Any ideas?

Teorulte Posted: 05-May-07 20:19
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People mind find this interesting:


Hello Xxxxxx,

My name is Helen and I am a Catering Sales Co ordinator here at the Hilton Melbourne Airport (Australia).
Your inquiry came through on our assistant managers email which they kindly forwarded to me.

To my knowledge we are not holding an event for Steven Hourmouzis' roulette computer demonstration here at the hotel.
What details have you been given so far - dates, times, location? which may be of assistance.

If you require further assistance from me please do not hesitate to contact me on my direct number provided below or via return email.

Kind Regards

Ms Helen Xinarios
Catering Sales Co-ordinator
61 (03) 8336 2040
61 (03) 8336 1082
Kelly Posted: 06-May-07 01:31
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LOL good one Teo.

Forester, actually, you CAN get an edge when placing the bet before release. Under the right conditions of course. (PS: Ask Biasplayer, Snowman, Pierre Basieux, Etienne Duchamps etc.) If you set up a matrix that consists of wheel speeds and amount of ball revoloutions like this:

Wheel speed: 3.00, 3.05, 3.10, 3.15, 3.20, 3.25, 3.30, 3.35 etc.
Ball revs: 10.85, 11.00, 11.85, 12.0, 12.15, 12.85, 13.0 etc.

You then note the pocket distances in the appropriate cells on a larger amount of spins and you will find that some values repeats themselfes in patterns which is largely linked to the physics of the wheel speeds and amount of ball revoloutions. If a row is checked, it will show 37 different pocket distances, so will a coloumn. But try to go from top left corner to right bottom corner......

Its not a method of play, just a way to check wether a wheel is suitable for dealers signature. Very fast rotor and a bouncy ball, and you will also get 37 different pocket distances cross wise.

I don`t know why the war between all of you is such a large topic, (now Bob Gordon is getting involved too..?), and i don`t wanna participate with anything. I think the 4 of you should gather and spin a SIGNIFICANT amount of spins after each competitor has set his device with whatever learn spins it needs. When that is done, then measure the edge and the SD`s for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 pocket sectors and last, measure for bimodular edges. 180 degrees for example.

My guess is that 1 computer will hold the highest edge for a single number and another will hold the highest SD for for example a 7 number pocket.

You can then try to judge wether the computer with the largest SD for the 7 number pocket holds a better PREDICTABILITY than the one with the highest edge on a single number.

The computer with the higher SD might come out with more profit than the one with the highest edge on a single number.

Which one is better will be a mix of different calculations of results.

Bago Posted: 06-May-07 02:45
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Forester you are really sinking:

1) It is not a contradiction. Your device is a simple timer which follows a linear equation for the wheel and ball. Ask every experts on the subject of computer prediction and they will gently answer you that your device has no chance to work, especially on level wheels.
Your device has in common with Mark's, Barnett's: they do not work on level wheels and slightly on tilted wheels because of wrong mathematics.
Your device does not calculate any curve, it is based on a linear equation contrary to Stefano which fits the ball deceleration accurately, like an expert VB player would do.

Stop lying please, 1KB of programming contains several lines, it is very simplistic. Stefano's software is 600KB because it contains much more complex and accurate mathematics. They have been developped by independant mathematicians, physicians, and you are telling me that you have done better alone without owning a real roulette wheel, with your electronic skills, and your 1KB program installed on a 3,50$ microchip, common!

VB players do not make any calculation? Lol it says a lot on your understanding of VB/Computer prediction!

All you have is Stefano's primordial variant, you do not have access to his custom variants which search for 9 differents patterns exhibited on a Roulette Wheel. 7 of them are NOT based on wheel and ball speeds, so it does not rely on DS. To sum up you have not his system.

Stefano has your device and knows how to operate it correctly. If you are afraid he is not using it the right way, you would go to his conference and apply your IQE6 yourself against Stefano's computer. Stefano gives you the opportunity to be the best and the first roulette computer supplier all over the world by making this challenge. You live in Australia, you are confident his computer is just a tic tac game with no prediction at all. Why are you afraid?

I advise you to think before posting because you are writing some ridiculous claim like DS has no chance to work. It becomes funny but i am glad because people interesting in your device can realize you are an amateur with limited knowledge concerning Roulette prediction.

Thank you Forester.


Yes i received the same email from Mark Howe (Mark Gibson). The conference is not booked yet, so it is legitimate the Hotel does not have the information. All Stefano stated is it will occur at this place.

[Edited by Bago on 06-May-07 02:51]
Kelly Posted: 06-May-07 05:11
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VB players do not calculate as such, they make timings of ball and wheels speeds as good as it gets and relate these to relative areas on the wheel , based on statistics.
Wheel speed:.....Check !
Ball speed:.............Check !
Read number:Check
Place bets: Check

Cash in and get Check.!!!

[Edited by Kelly on 06-May-07 05:12]
forester Posted: 06-May-07 09:41
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Kelly I took it only as explanation how they are contradicting themselves.

Once they predict without any calculation, estimating everything, next time 1000 lines of calculation is not enough. How to explain someone what is machine language if he make program as tic tac toe game in Java. Kids doing it on their mobiles. That is why he must have 600 times larger program. Now calculate how much slower it is. Probobly 90 % he uses to create useless menus. Well that is where Java is good, so for him it is important to look good not how it works.

It would not be misery if he does not sell that for big money.
He sold one unit to guy convincing him that his computer can win even automated wheels, where rotor speed changes constantly. Guy lost a lot, trying to get money back from Stefano but Stefano told him that he is not buying used phones. He even tried to convince me that all he needs to do is to readjust his phone.

In next email that I received from Stefano he is trying to convince me that all 6 people who bought my device and supplied me with his system, are actually Mark Howe trying to discredit him. Yea right even guys speaking Spanish, or Croatian are Mark Howe.

Few times I asked Stefano and Bago to answer simple question so they know what they have, and they cannot answer, but if they think it is only timer they probably have box that I made for Doker = Bob Gordon about 2 years ago. Yes E2 is an accurate timer and I explained it on my web page. There is no need to test it, it showed something as 1:29 on bench test you can search GG and you will find results. But IQE6 is completely different system. It is nothing as Stefano’s toy phone. It is programmed in machine language and is very accurate.
Stefano on his video demonstrated very well how his computer is not effective to gain any advantage on leveled wheel. All that you need to do is look predicted number and number where the ball hits rotor, and you will see that there is no relationship. Fact that he counts hits when ball turns to spinner and by luck stops close to predicted number is only indication that video is edited or selected when he had some luck.

His computer tested at single spin gave every time different result.
Clocked at diamond 1:…. 26, 1, 17, 5, 8
When same spin was 5 x clocked on another diamond result was
34, 5,3,28, 2

I think Mark was investigating his spins and explained it here.

I know that my device is accurate as it can be, but winning at roulette is still not easy.
forester Posted: 06-May-07 09:42
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Well, he thinks if he copies picture from Web that he made booking.
Maybe he made booking under different name.
Maybe he thinks that he can do it last day, who knows.

I definitely know that his phone starts as tic tac toe game and that he publicly attacked me and claimed it as incorrect.

It is very likely that his conference, his testing does not exist same as his office or promise of 200% money back return.
Kelly Posted: 06-May-07 17:10
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I don`t know, i will rather be kept outside.

Final and last comment.

One thing that i really don`t understand about Stefanos way of selling his dealers signature system, is that he keeps the primadorial variants for himself and you have to contact him to actually play the wheels you are tracking.

The custoumer has no idea whats behind, and if Stefano gets sick or dies, the possibilitys for the custoumer to play on is gone, or maybe taken over by someone else. But for 2000$ i would really expect to be taught how and why the system works. Dealing this way, is raising all red flags.

One thing is protecting the stuff from copying, but this is overdoing it.

Just my opinion, i will leave this conversation and let you guys slug it out.
forester Posted: 07-May-07 21:18
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Kelly then this is for you

A Click away from your working holiday! Stefano Hourmouzis


roulettecomputers Posted: 12-May-07 18:20
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everyone in globe ask question

why does stefano fake footage in video, it is all over internet on german, spain and swedish forums.

why do you influence ball in footage, someone with little intelligence can see you fake it and make ball where you can. In swedish team one is former croupier and can do the same Stefano as you.

we and everyone on forums interest in positiver systems need to know why you fake footage and do not anwser when people email you about this deceipt.

look at http://www.computeroulette.com explain?

We have your genuine winner system and it not work at all and now we know why thanks to swedish expert in this topic.

we know your computer work a little so cannot understand deception, we want the truth why you so greedy with fake system if phone work a little?

[Edited by roulettecomputers on 12-May-07 18:22]
roulettecomputers Posted: 12-May-07 18:24
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we are in sweden and would like to meet you.

we want best vb systemn also, which is best method to practice?

we see you speak of scott?

[Edited by roulettecomputers on 12-May-07 18:28]

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