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This page gives links and reviews to the best free to download gambling simulations that is available on the internet. Now you test out those strategies before you go to Vegas!  


The following simulations are the best ones that I have found on the internet. Each game is given a rating of either excellent, very good, good, or poor. These ratings are based on realism of the simulation, ease of use, and game play. For those of you interested in free horse racing handicapping software, check out my pony page.


Intercasino Online Gambling Software-This is a must get software package, and the best part is that it is free to download! This software is supposed to be used to do real online gambling, but it also lets you practice offline. The simulations in this package are some of the best that I have seen (with the exception of a few commercial games). This package includes Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, and online Sports betting! The ratings for the games are as follows:

Blackjack: Very Good

Roulette: Excellent (the best)

Slots: Excellent

Video Poker: Very Good

Caribbean Poker: Good      





Acropolis Online Gambling Software-This is another online gambling software package that lets you practice offline. This software is also free. The interface for this software is very professional but game play is not as good as those found in Intercasino. You may want to download it just to have a different version of the three games offered in this package, after all, it's free! The ratings for the games in this package are as follows:

  Blackjack: Very Good

Video Poker: Very Good

Roulette: Good        





Boxcars-This is a shareware game that's game play is only average, but I put it here because it contains simulations of games that are not offered in the other package. It has seven gambling simulations in all, and has a fairly well thought out interface. It does have some glitches though. For example, in the craps simulation, you can make a pass line bet and a come bet at the same time. Over all, it's a good little package and worth the download.

  Craps: Good

Poker: Good

Slots: Good

Baccarat: Good

Roulette: Good

Blackjack: Good

Keno: Good        




Mini Casino Planner For Craps-This is a must have simulation for craps players, and is the best one available free on the internet. It has good animation, sound, and a realistic game feel. It also keeps good statistical analysis of game play. Again I must say, this is a must download for craps players.

  Craps: Excellent






Wincraps-Wincraps is another descent craps simulation when run from Windows 95. It has a fairly realsitc game feel, but the animation is pretty poor. Mini Casino Planner is a better simulation, but if you want a second craps simulation, this one's not too bad. This Program requires vbrun300.dll. If you don't have it the download and unzip it into your windows system directory. Wincraps also has an auto-betting feature, which allows you to test out strategies by having the computer play out a scenario for a given number of rolls. If you want to try some of these pre-made betting strategies, then you can download a bunch of them by clicking HERE!

  Craps: Good        





Pyroware Casino Games: Pyroware offers 4 different casino games in this shareware package. These casino games can be downloaded separately or all together in one file. This is a very good set of gambling tools because of its ease of use, good game play, a small file size (All 4 games are only 1.68 megs in size). The craps game is very good with only two small flaws. It doesn't allow lay bets and you only get paid double on a field 12, but everything else in the craps simulation is excellent. The roulette simulation is also extremely well done and easy to use. The Blackjack simulation is a little simple looking but very smooth and easy to use. The Video Poker Machine looks clunky but also has good game play. Overall I would say that this is a must download for any gambler.  

Craps: Very Good

Roulette: Very Good

Blackjack: Good

Video Poker: Good          




20 Different Slot Simulations: Click here to download the best free and demo slot machine simulations found on the net! There are about 20 different slot machine listed here!        






Casino Madness 98: Here is a new game that offers a bunch of simulations that I have not seen offered in any other software package. This package contains: Deuces Wild, Hi-Low Poker, Poker Slots, World Keno, Blackjack 21, Jack or Better, Lucky Sevens, and Wild Jokers. I didn't get a chance to download the software (it's a large 5.8 megs) so if someone can E-mail me how this software package is, I would greatly appreciate it.          






    Avery Cardoza's Casino: I will be putting in a commercial software review web page in a little while, but until then I thought that I would post this game here. This is by far the best Casino simulation that I have ever seen. It has craps, video poker, roulette, slots, and keno. All the best simulations that have ever been produced. This is a definite must for any serious gambler. This demo to the game is a large 5.27 MB long so make sure you have some time on your hands before you start downloading!  






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