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    Here, in the Gambler's Glen Sport's Emporium, there are links to all of the free picks by various sports handicappers on the web. Why pay for betting advice when there is so much given away for free! There are also links to many good statistical and sports news web pages!    



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    This First list of Sports Betting advisors are all registered on a website called This website monitors all of these advisors picks, and allows you the customer to view their win/loss stats. If you want to see a listing of all of these advisors in order by their percentages, then follow this link:

  Then you can return to this page and get the free picks from the highest rated advisors! This list contains all of the free picks from the following handicappers from    



 Alatey Sports Compupicks H$W
The Las Vegas Connection National Sports The New York Insider
The Sporting Edge Trushel Sports Consulting  Vegas Larps
A Winner's Edge Sportsline Cyber Sports D&G Sports
G&G Sports KM Sports Advisory Las Vegas Sports Advisors
Maverick Sports Michael Joseph Sports MTB Sports Consultants
Pigskin Sports Spina Sports Sports Investors
Private Plays Sure Fire Sports The Force
The Late Steam Wizard Of Odds USA Sports
 Craig Tenney Sports    





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