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Posted by online casino!!! on March 20, 19101 at 09:55:14:

In Reply to: One Mans' Dream posted by Rex on January 30, 1999 at 05:08:12:

: Monday 25th January 1999

: This morning I woke up, clicked on the radio, and Yanni's "One Mans' Dream" was playing. T

: I am about to have a serious go at Beating the Roulette Wheel and I aim to keep a record of my progress (or lack of it) by chronicling my experiences. This diary may not last very long and I know there are people out there who will want to see me crash and burn - I may well do so. However, I have reached a point where I feel I would be daft not to have a go. After all, HE WHO DARES・nd all that! I've got balls - use them!

: So, I hope anyone reading this will enjoy being able to read of my experiences as they happen・I will print these chronicles in certain places so any readers if they wish will be able to LIVE THE DREAM with me as it happens. So here we go - warts and all. This is "ONE MANS' DREAM" - will it be a nightmare - or will the dream be realised?

: Monday, 25th January1999 "Eureka! I've found the Holy Grail!"

: It's 8 in the morning and I've just woken up after another restless night. My head is buzzing.

: Have I really found the Holy Grail?
: Can that spinning wheel really be beaten?
: Everyone says "the Casino always wins", but does it?

: My evidence from the past few months would suggest the answers are YES, YES and NO !!!!!

: My mentor and ally in America, "J", e-mailed me today to say he thinks I'm just about there. He's already been there and got the T-shirt - he should know. I'm sure my head must have swelled up when I read in his e-mail, "When I write about roulette or communicate with other players (and there have only been three including you) I write from the heart・from the trenches." This man has been in the thick of the action zone for 5-years and here I am after just a few months of serious study, one of only 3 people in the world he will talk to about the wheel. I'm chuffed to say the very least!

: My head tells me I've cracked it ("J" says I'm just about there) but my heart says get those numbers out that people from all over the world have sent you and do some more charting, pick your numbers and check your results. I want to be like "J". I want to get out there, travel the world, play the wheel and make a bundle of money. Has the time come to stop the endless hours of studying and to go and play for real money? I think it has - but I need to do some more checking. So I sit up in bed with more lists of numbers - the people who sent them to me assure me they are genuine roulette spins - I can't be certain - I have to take their word for it. They look ok. I've been in enough Casinos to know what can happen. Same number comes up 3 times in a row, a 46,655/1 chance - I've seen that happen for real several times. Some numbers not coming out for 200 spins or more - in a perfect world they would each come out once in every 37 spins (on a single 0 wheel). I know what can happen and therefor at some point it probably will. I've seen 24 numbers out of 25 all RED! These lists of numbers look alright to me - I've used up my own lists from casino visits during the past year or so, so they are all I can work with now.

: So another hour or so of number crunching sat in bed takes place. I chart some numbers, select the ones I would back without looking at the subsequent numbers on the list and then reveal the remainder of the list to see how I would have done・.and the results achieved?・absolutely consistent with all the other checking I have done since "J" appeared on the scene and pointed me in the right direction - around 90% winning sessions, time after time after time. My method for picking numbers to back appears sound; the staking progression I have devised produces more than enough return to make up for the losing sessions and provide a long term profit; the parameters I've come up with to tell me when to bail out of a session when things aren't going too well are having the desired effect of providing the desired damage limitation.

: I'm lucky to have this man in the States sending me reassuring and complimentary e-mails. His prompting has finally made me realise that I probably have cracked it and it is time to put it to the test and get to the mainland with a bankroll and a tin-hat and get in to the battle zone.

: I feel as though I am on the brink of something life-changing - and I don't mean just the fact that last week I asked my Thai girlfriend to marry me (it will be a YES subject to negotiations with the prospective mother-in-law・hai custom).

: So・will I go for it? You're bloody right I will!

: Tuesday 26th January "I need to plan the attack".

: I live on an island called Guernsey, 8 miles by 5, in the English Channel. It is governed mainly by church-going Methodists who are very anti-gambling - but we have a Lottery and have done for many years・.of course it is run by our local government so it is promoted until the cows come home! It's for the good of the island, don't you know・.and buying tickets for the Lottery isn't gambling is it! There are 7 bookmakers who take bets on horse-racing and sports・heir offices tucked away discreetly in the back streets of the Town. There is an atmosphere of anything to do with gambling should be hidden away and the local population should not be encouraged to gamble.

: So, it follows that there are not any casinos on the island ・et. It's a major finance centre・he Town full of Banks; Trust Companies; Accountants and Lawyers. 」50,000,000,000+ (that's BILLIONS) is "invested" in some of these institutions in Stocks; Shares; Traded Options and Trusts・o my mind, all forms of investment are gambling. I once lost my entire stake invested in shares in a British company that went in to liquidation・o me, that was a gamble I took and it lost.

: There are those who do want to see a Casino on the island・hey recognise the benefits it will bring to the community. Amazingly, despite opposition from the anti-gambling lobby, our local government has passed a law for the island to have a Casino - by a single vote. But it will probably be another 2 years yet before one is up and running・so to put my plan in to action I am going to have to travel. So today I booked a ticket for the 30-minute flight to Southampton on Sunday and the plan is to stay for 4 nights・might only be 1 night if everything goes pear-shaped!

: Caution is my watchword, and so I am setting my initial targets very low. I am going to start with a 」500 bankroll and play with minimum stakes・0p chips in the Stakis Casino I'm going to in Bournemouth. So my bankroll will be 1000 units (chips). I plan to use 50p chips until I have doubled my bankroll to 2000 units. I don't expect to achieve it on this trip - if I do, that will be a bonus. I don't plan to increase my stakes until I have doubled my bankroll. I plan to play 20 to 25 sessions during

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